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Chandler Air Service, Inc. (CAS) wishes to be able to provide aircraft for rental to those pilots who need to acquire experience to meet requirements for pilot certificates. In order to provide a safe and responsible management of this program and be able to maintain the aircraft we have established the following policies and procedures:

  1. Pilot must have a U.S. Private Pilot certificate with single engine land rating. This certificate may be issued based on a foreign pilot certificate. CAS can help you make the appropriate arrangements for that issuance, however, the application process must be started before you come to the United States.
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  2. Pilot must have current FAA Flight Review. This can be conducted by CAS and combined with the aircraft rental checkout. A check out flight with a CAS Flight Instructor is required in order to rent.
  3. Since Arizona is a mountainous area, most cross country trips require flight over mountains and many to high altitude airports. As such, a mountain flying checkout course is required prior to mountain flying. This trip can be made after the initial checkout and/or as part of the checkout. This is assuming the pilot has not had previous mountain flying training.
  4. CAS has a variety of different aircraft available for rent. Almost all rental aircraft are equipped with GPS, dual VORs, ILS, DME and 4 place intercoms. You work out of a group of aircraft actively used in a flight training environment. In addition, CAS has a complete fleet of tailwheel and aerobatic aircraft for specialty training.
  5. Overnight cross countries are allowed but are usually limited to a maximum of 3 days and 2 nights. All flight plans are reviewed by CAS.
  6. If your current license does not allow for flight at night we can provide dual night training allowing you to perform the duties of pilot in command. A separate checkout is required to fly at night.
  7. Training and checkouts are scheduled in advance and require a $500.00 deposit that is applied to the customer’s account and can be used once the customer arrives. Flight training programs and ratings require a $1000.00 deposit.

Cross Country Flying

  1. All cross country flights must be on an open / active flight plan with Flight Service. Simply receiving radar service (Flight Following) does not satisfy this requirement.
  2. All overnight flights for longer than a 24 hour period will be reviewed and approved by CAS before departure. Flight plans will be left with the dispatch desk and pilots are required to check in at each overnight destination.
  3. CAS reimburses for fuel purchased at other airports, however it is at the CAS fuel rate. Pilots are responsible for increased fuel costs on cross country flights.
  4. If a maintenance issue comes up while away from CHD, Chandler Air Service will see to the situation and handle as appropriate.
  5. Pilots are responsible for any landing, overnight parking, or tiedown fees at other airports. Although, usually U.S. airports do not have landing fees for non-commercial flights.
  6. CAS does not allow flight over mountainous terrain at night. Night flying also requires a separate rental checkout.
  7. All flying must be under VFR conditions.