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Call us to schedule

(480) 963‑6420

24 Total Aircraft

16 Piper Trainers

3 Aerobatic Biplanes

2 Cessna 172’s

3 Super Cubs

Our Fleet

We try to meet the needs of the pilot population by providing aircraft for your general use. Our aircraft fleet consists of the following Piper aircraft: Cherokee 140’s, Warriors, Archers, Arrows, a Dakota, and Super Cubs. We also have 2 Cessna 172’s. Our Great Lakes aerobatic biplanes are available for qualified pilots. And for aspiring multi-engine pilots, we have an Aztec. No matter your level of training, we’ve got the airplane to fit your needs.

RedBird Flight Training Simulator

Meet the newest addition to our fleet. Expand your training capabilities and keep your skills sharp. Our RedBird simulator is FAA certified as a Advanced Aviation Training Device and is equipped with wrap-around visuals, realistic flight controls, and interchangeable cockpits. Choose from the Piper Archer III, Piper Seminole and a Cessna 172 G1000. Rental $70/ hour. Instructor check out is required for solo rental use.

Aircraft Rates

Rates include fuel and insurance

$147 /hour – Piper Cherokee 140 (two seats, 160 hp, Garmin 155XL)
$166 /hour – Piper Warrior (four seats, 160 hp, Garmin 430)
$166 /hour – Cessna 172 (high wing, four seats, 160 hp, Garmin 300XL)
$181 /hour – Piper Archer (four seats, 180 hp, Garmin 430)
$222 /hour – Piper Arrow (T-tail, retractable gear, constant speed prop, four seats, 200 hp)
$250 /hour – Piper Dakota (fixed gear, constant speed prop, four seats, 230 hp)

$293 /hour – Piper Aztec (multi-engine, 250 hp per side, six seats)

$170 /hour – Piper Super Cub (taildragger, 160 hp)

$262 /hour – Great Lakes (aerobatic biplane, open cockpit, 180 hp)

$70 /hour – RedBird Flight Training Simulator (Archer III, Seminole, C172 G1000)

Flight Instruction

$72 /hour – Flight instruction
$82 /hour – Tailwheel, aerobatic, multi-engine flight instruction
$88 /hour – Pilot service
$72 /hour – Ground instruction

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General Rules

We do not allow aircraft to go away for long periods of time. You can plan on local and statewide flying on a daily basis with two to three day trips possible. We do look at each case if you have a specific trip to take. We also limit mountain flying at night in single engine airplanes. There are some other restrictions so if you have some special need please ask.

Only Chandler Air Service instructors can instruct in our aircraft and as a result you cannot give or receive instruction for outside pilots while renting these airplanes. It is OK when maintaining instrument proficiency to take a safety pilot but we need to be advised of your intention. Please review our payment policies.

Time Building

We can help pilots with building flight time for your certificates. We have pilots fly 50 to 100 hours in a month. There are many places to visit and even take overnight trips. Time builder aircraft are primarily the Cherokee 140’s and Cessna 172’s. Learn more

International Pilots

For pilots outside the U.S. who wish to come to our corner of the world, we put together special rental programs to help with the checkouts, mountain flying, obtaining a U.S. Private Pilot certificate, and planning neat trips to see our great part of the country. We also provide night checkout and endorsements for those who have restricted night flying. Learn more

Mountain Flying

Since we are in a mountainous area we require a mountain flying checkout if you wish to fly in the mountains. We approach this on an individual basis and take into consideration previous mountain flying experience.