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Apply for TSA approval (for Private, Instrument, and Multi-engine)

I-20 application and M-1 Student Visa (for all certificates and ratings)

Letter of Authenticity (for obtaining a U.S. license based on your foreign license)

Foreign Pilot Training & Rental Information

Chandler Air Service has the privilege and opportunity to provide flight training and aircraft rental to pilots from all over the world. We are approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for flight training and the Student Exchange and Visitors Information System (SEVIS) for issuing the Immigration I-20 form for the M-1 student visa for flight training.

We try to be as helpful as we can to make your stay in Arizona the most pleasant and educational. We help you plan great trips, discover places to go, and make sure when you are on the ground you will find nice places to visit.

The following information should give you an idea of the services we provide with flight training for pilot certificates, rental of aircraft, and specialty flight training.

Aircraft Rental & Time Building

You must have a U.S. pilot certificate in order to rent an aircraft in the U.S. There are two ways to get this certificate.

  1. The license may be a permanent license obtained and issued based on completing the U.S. training requirements and passing the appropriate written and flight tests.
  2. You may also have a U.S. license issued to you based on your foreign license. You must go through a short process to have a U.S. Private license issued using a letter of authenticity. Your foreign license and medical must be current at all times while using your U.S. license. There is a different procedure approved for Canadian pilots.

Please see the Aircraft Rental page and the Rental Requirements for more details about renting.


There are no general applications for admission to our flight school. There is often a waiting list to begin. Contact us for details. Upon agreement on the type of training and start time, a deposit is required. All other paperwork is completed when you arrive for flight training.

Endorsements & Other Training

If you wish to receive flight training for endorsements, there is no U.S. license required to receive the training. You only need a license if you wish to fly solo or carry passengers. Examples of this type of training are: Tailwheel, Complex, High Performance, Aerobatics, Spin Training, Night Flying or just any kind of proficiency training appropriate to your foreign license.