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About Us

Chandler Air Service is owned and operated by John and Diana Walkup. The business was originally founded in 1976 and purchased by the Walkups on January 1, 1980. We started out with one airplane and presently operate 24 aircraft, have a full service fuel facility, aircraft maintenance hangar, and pilot shop.

The entire facility including aircraft and auto parking covers approximately five acres of ground. A new long term lease was initiated in 2012 and in the summer of 2015 construction started on our current facility. Chandler Air Service offers an 8,000-square-foot office building with reception, pilot shop, flight instructor offices, classroom and study areas, conference room, break room and lounge areas. In addition to our office we have a 14,000 sq ft executive hangar and an 8,000 sq ft maintenance hangar.

The business is located on the Chandler Municipal Airport in Chandler, Arizona. The airport has two parallel runways, ATC control tower and instrument approaches to the airport. This airport has over 200,000 operations a year and no commercial air carriers. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is just 25 miles away for easy access.

Chandler Air Service operates under FAA Certificate No. HQ8S199Q under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 for approved flight schools.

We are also approved by the Veterans Administration GI Bill® . Our FAA approved 141 courses after Private Pilot are eligible for VA benefit reimbursement. This includes the Unusual Attitude and Tailwheel training programs!

In 2018 Chandler Air Service was honored with the AOPA Flight Training Experience award and was named the Southwest Region Flight School of the Year.

In addition, we are approved for international students with the Transportation and Security Administration along with the Student Exchange and Visitor Information System for issuing M-1 student visas.

Chandler Air Service also rents office space to several other businesses operating at the Chandler Airport and proudly supports our local aviation business partners: Chandler Avionics, Southwest Aircraft Charter, Air Fleet Capital Financing, and the Hangar Cafe.

Pilot Shop

Our Pilot Shop and Dispatch Office is open every day from 7:30am – 5:30pm. We have a fully-stocked pilot shop including headset accessories, charts, and current FAA publications. Gift certificates are also available to purchase for any of our services.
Official FAA chart dealer
Current FAA publications
David Clark headsets and accessories
ASA brand pilot supplies
2019 FAR AIMs
2019 Test Prep

Our Training Philosophy

“If you only want to become an airline pilot, go to an airline prep school and they will show you how to push buttons. If you want to learn how to fly airplanes, come to Chandler Air Service”.

There are a lot of flight schools that we would describe as “diploma mills”. There is a lot of advertising telling you exactly the things you want to hear. There are a lot of schools cutting all the corners, using all the loopholes in the regulations, finding special ways to get you through, and turning out low flight time pilots with little experience for lots of your money. You will find our company has a much different attitude.

You may be a member of the other 90% of people who wish to learn to fly for reasons other than becoming a professional airline pilot. You have a business or personal need to learn to fly. There are very few schools left who can cater to your needs in the fashion you would expect.

We want you to be able to fly an airplane with skill brought about by understanding what you are doing. We want you to be aggressive in the aircraft you learn to fly and be able to transition that skill into more advanced and faster aircraft. Too many pilots of the new generation lack the intuitive and common sense skills we try to train into our people. Not all the people we train can handle it. Those who decide to fly with us after interviewing and going over our program will find themselves as well or better qualified as anyone and for less cost.

Our programs are designed after many years of experience to provide up to date and efficient flight training without compromising the principles of safety. We teach “single pilot” skills, not crew concept training. Every aircraft you learn to fly in is based on only one pilot flying and all the flight testing is based on that. We are an “Old School” flight school which has a confident and experienced way of getting the job done.

Our flight instructors have been pilots for years not months. We have no children here.

You will not be an airline pilot when you finish our program. You will be a pilot with the skill and understanding to proceed into the next level of flying. Whether it be personal, business or professional, your goals will be better established, the paths to attain them will be clear and you will have a set of standards to be proud of.

Upcoming Events

Toys for Tots

Friday Dec 6, 2019 – Save the date for our annual Toys for Tots event at Chandler Air Service! Toys for Tots is an annual tradition for some seasonal festivities, and bring a toy to donate to a great cause!