Chandler Air Service has had the privilege and opportunity to provide aircraft rental for the purpose of time building to pilots from all over the world. We have numerous pilots come each year to build flight time and we are happy to be able to provide this service. Coming to Chandler to do your time building is a big decision and there is a lot of information to provide, we have put together this overview to cover all the major aspects and help prepare you for a safe fun flying experience.

Rental Checkout

Chandler Air Service has a standard procedure for checking out pilots to rent for the purpose of time building. The result of this procedure is to prepare the pilot to confidently and safely build the flight time desired as well as meet the requirements of the US Flight Review, Chandler Air Service rental requirements, and mountain flying training.

This check out usually consists of 6 dual flight hours and 4 ground hours. This is based on individual skill and may require more or less flight and ground instruction time depending on experience, total time and if you have ever flown in the US. We place a large emphasis on cross country preparation and mountain training to prepare you for your time building. All prices are based on the dual hourly rate of aircraft selected and instructor rate. Check current rental rates

The checkout process does not always have to be completed in the first few days. First and most important we prepare you to safely navigate and fly in the local area and for shorter trips before the mountain training takes place. We always recommend at least one day to adjust after your arrival to Chandler before flying. This allows for delays in arrival, jet lag, and getting adjusted to your accommodations.

Standard Procedures for Time Builders

Foreign Pilot Rental Checkout

Day 1

Ground – Beginning with the Flight Review, local airspace and airport procedures/operations, and Chandler Air Service Rental Policies and Procedures.

Flight – Flight Review, standard checkout flight to include maneuvers, emergency procedures, and local airport operations and communication.

Ground – Finish ground for Flight Review, Chandler Air Service Rental paperwork, and review of local procedures.

Flight – Second flight of checkout and flight review as needed.

Day 2

Ground – General flight planning, navigation, Flight Service, and weather.

Flight – Local navigation training and cross country flight. Route of Flight: Chandler to Gila Bend, Casa Grande, and back to Chandler.

Ground – Mountain training concepts.

Day 3

Flight – Mountain training cross country.

FAA Requirements

In order to rent aircraft at Chandler Air Service you must have a U.S. Private Pilot certificate with a single engine land rating. To obtain a U.S. Pilot certificate issued and based on a current and valid foreign pilot certificate and medical you must start the application process before you come to the United States. Converting your license requires a letter of authenticity (allow 6-8 weeks for processing).

Upon your arrival and during the initial check-out period it will also be necessary to go to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) in Scottsdale, Arizona to get your US Pilot certificate issued based on your foreign license (if you do not already have a US pilot license). You should schedule the appointment before your arrival and inform Chandler Air Service of the date and time of your appointment so we can schedule around your check-out flights.

FAA Flight Standards District Office
17777 N. Perimeter Dr. #101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Aircraft Availability, Fuel, & Maintenance

Chandler Air Service has a variety of different aircraft available for rent. We will try to keep you in the same aircraft you have requested however it is most likely that you will need to get checked out and fly in more than one aircraft while you are here. Regular rental rates and instruction rates apply to all check-out flights. Almost all aircraft are equipped with Garmin GPS, 2 or 4 place intercoms, and a standard instrument panel.

We have a full maintenance facility on site and our aircraft undergo regular scheduled maintenance. In the event that the aircraft you are scheduled in needs maintenance for any reason we will work with you to get checked out in a different aircraft so you can continue with your time building as efficiently as possible. Likewise if any maintenance issues should arise we will do our part to take care of them as quickly as possible.

Chandler Air Service provides 100LL aviation fuel and oil for all our rental aircraft and it is included in the aircraft rental rate for no additional charge. All aircraft are kept fueled to the tabs and will be topped off at the pilot’s request before any cross country flights. Chandler Air Service will reimburse for fuel and oil purchased at other airports at the Chandler Air Service company rate (not retail). The pilot is responsible for buying the fuel, the difference in fuel cost, and the credit will be applied to the pilots Chandler Air Service flight account upon return and receipt. Chandler Air Service has minimum fuel requirements and fuel must be purchased on longer flights away from Chandler Airport.

Mountain Training

Since a large majority of Arizona airports are located in mountainous terrain, Chandler Air Service requires a mountain training checkout. This is combined with our initial checkout and must be done in order to fly in to any high elevation airports. Any previous mountain training will be reviewed by Chandler Air Service before waiving the check-out.

General Flying

Once checked out there is an uncountable number of airports both local and cross country to fly to. With a little flight planning you will be able to fly to a different airport every day and see some of the most diverse terrain in the southern US.

All flights local and cross country will be reviewed and approved by Chandler Air Service prior to departure. Chandler Air Service has the right to deny any flight due to safety, weather, or any other outstanding circumstances.

All cross country flights must be on an open / active flight plan with Flight Service. Flight following service alone does not meet this requirement even though it is recommended.

Overnight cross countries are allowed but are limited to a maximum of 3 days and 2 nights. All flight plans are reviewed and approved by Chandler Air Service before departure and pilots are required to check in at each overnight location.

Pilots are responsible for any landing, overnight parking and tie down fees at other airports. Most U.S. airports do not have landing fees.

All flying must be under VFR conditions.

It is reasonable to average 4 flight hours per day. Although more is definitely possible there is always a consideration for possible weather and or other flight restrictions that might arise during your stay.

CAS will help in suggestion of trips to provide excellent experience, best places to visit and safe, fun flying.

Night Flights

Flying at night requires a separate night check-out and only if there is no restriction on your foreign pilot certificate. Pilots who do not already hold a night rating can only fly dual with a Chandler Air Service instructor at night.

  • All day time rental flights are due back to Chandler Air Service before office closing. Night flights are scheduled and dispatched separately.
  • There is no flying in the mountains at night.


Chandler Air Service requires a deposit for flight training programs that will be applied to your training upon your arrival. A deposit on account is required prior to setting the schedule and to reserve your dates selected. This deposit can be by any of the payment means accepted and add-on discounts apply. All deposits will be applied to the pilot’s flight account and can be used upon arrival.

Deposit amount required: for flight programs of less than 15 hours and time building, $500 is required to be on deposit.


Once you arrive at Chandler Air Service payment must be made at the completion of each lesson. Customers who choose electronic transfer should be made aware that during the transaction waiting time Chandler Air Service will not extend any credit. Please make your arrangements before arrival or pay as you go.

  1. At the completion of the flight, payment must be made by cash, U.S. bank check, travelers check, electronic bank transfer, or approved credit card.
  2. Payment in advance by cash, U.S. bank check, travelers check, or electronic bank transfer can earn discounts of 5% to 10% in the form of an add-on to their account. The following add-on percentage scale applies to payment in advance.

Add-on Credits

$300 – $699 earns 5% add-on
$700 – $999 earns 8% add-on
$1000 or more earns 10$ add-on

Example: You give us a traveler’s check for $1000. We add on 10% ($100) to your payment. You have $1100 credit on your flight account.

Note: Add-on percentages do NOT apply to payments made by credit card. Add on will NOT be given if your account has a negative balance. In the event of a refund, no portion of the add-on is refunded.

Local Accommodations

There are many options for accommodation within a 5-mile range of Chandler Airport, including major hotels, motels, extended-stay, and vacation-rental by owner.


Due to the distance between Chandler Airport and local hotels, shopping, and area attractions, some form of transportation is necessary. There is no reasonable form of public transportation in the area however Chandler Air Service offers bicycles for customers to rent for $15 per week.

If possible, we recommend a rental car for at least the first few days of your stay to get used to the area and drive to your FAA appointment in Scottsdale.

Customers are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements. Taxi cab or Super Shuttle Company transportation to or from the Phoenix airport will cost an average of $40 per trip. Rental car reservations can be picked up at the Phoenix airport upon arrival or made later at the local Chandler locations. Most rental car companies require you to be 25 years old to rent. Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular in the local area.


Chandler Air Service wants you to have a safe experience building the flight time you need as well as visiting some of the most diverse places in the southwest United States. This overview will give you the information you need to start the process and prepare you for your visit. We have been helping pilots with their time building needs year after year and are happy to be able to provide this service.

This overview is designed to help prepare you for the time building process and provide the information necessary to make your decision. We want to help make it as easy as possible and help you along the way to accomplish your time building goals. With a little more research, you will be ready to select your dates, give a deposit, and start flying! We look forward to helping you with your time building needs!

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!


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