We have three PA-18-150 Piper Super Cubs (160hp) for basic tailwheel training. You can start from scratch for the complete Private Pilot training, get your original tailwheel endorsement (required by the FAA), get recurrent, or any number of applications to other certificates. These aircraft are also available for rental.

Our tailwheel endorsement training program is not a short and sweet bunch of rote takeoffs and landings. You will learn advanced use of rudder skills, stalls and recovery procedures, slips to the N'th degree, dirt runway landings, and the most fun "fly down the runway on one wheel trick". Plan on 8 to 10 hours of dual for a pilot with good stick and rudder skills. If you have been flying stuff that goes fast and makes a whining sound or been flying airplanes that you have been told you don't need much rudder in, you might plan on a few more hours. You do not need to go buy any special books or reading material.  We cover it all when you get here.

We also do training in your tailwheel aircraft. We have a reasonable amount of experience in many different types of tailwheel aircraft and regularly train in customers airplanes. Depending on the amount of time needed in your aircraft we may need to be named as additional insured on your policy. We will provide the information necessary for your agent to see to it.

  Tailwheel Training - Piper Super Cub

10.0 Hours Dual Instruction

@ $194.00/Hr


1.0 Hour Ground instruction

@   $70.00/Hr




Prices subject to change without notice.