Transient Pilot & Local Services

  • Line service hours of operation: 6:00am to 8:00pm, 7 days a week
  • Self serve 100LL fuel is 24 hours
  • Dispatch desk: 480-963-6420
  • Contact line service for fuel orders and requests: 623-202-7223 or Unicom 122.95 (after hours call-out fee applies)
  • Overnight parking: $12.00 single engine, $15.00 multi engine
  • One night of parking fee waived with fuel purchase
  • No ramp fees & no landing fees

Chandler Municipal Airport

We want those who pass through the Chandler Airport, and who are based here, to have the best service we can provide. From a fuel standpoint, we operate two 1000-gallon 100LL fuel trucks, one 3000-gallon Jet A truck, one 1000-gallon Jet A truck, and a self-serve 100LL fuel island. We are the primary mobile fuel service on the airport.

Check the official Chandler Municipal Airport page for more details.

Rental Cars

Rental Cars are not located on site, however when reserved in advance they are delivered to our FBO. We primarily work with Enterprise and can help you book your reservations and ensure your vehicle is ready when you are! Avis and Hertz are close by and can deliver vehicles depending on your membership status.

Transient Parking

Chandler Air Service manages the transient parking area in front of the City Terminal building. The Chandler Air Service main dispatch and service area is located about 150 yards northeast of the City Terminal building but transient activity is handled at the terminal as a rule. It is perfectly normal to have passengers arrive at our dispatch area in addition to the terminal and we provide transportation to and from the aircraft.

There are 15 tie-down spots for light twins and smaller, and a large open area that can hold about 6 corporate jets. Other parking areas can be made available if necessary for special parking. Transient jet parking spots are all pull through and normally do not require moving after parked.

Line Service will see that loading and unloading can be done at your aircraft and escorted service to and from your parking area is provided.

There are not normally overnight hangars available. The city of Chandler has open tie-downs available for longer term parking.

Hangar Cafe


Open 7 days a week, 7:00am to 2:00pm. Best food around and you never go away hungry. Call in your catering order and they will have it ready when you show up.

Helicopter Parking

Depending on the size and length of stay there is a heliport on the southeast portion of the airport for helicopter parking. Other parking is available in the transient parking area for smaller machines. We have two parking spaces on the northeast ramp marked with large white circles. For bigger equipment, the tower will direct you and all services are provided. Call if you have questions. No matter where you are parked we will come and take care of you.

We try to provide all the amenities the big boys do, but in a more personal way. We can get you a place to stay, rental cars, a crew car, cabs, Wi-Fi, weather computer, pilot lounge, and so on. Off-airport catering can be delivered to our dispatch for safe keeping. You can also get on-airport catering from the Hangar Cafe.


1675 E Ryan Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286

(480) 963-6420

Fax: (480) 963-7639

Unicom 122.95

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