Chandler Air Service Personnel

Our flight instructors have been pilots for years not months.



The people that work at Chandler Air Service, Inc. are supposed to have a common goal and that is the success of the company. If the company does well, they will do well. The most important asset of any business is the people that make it up. The pilots, mechanics, dispatch, line service, and administrative all know they are important. We as a company have a responsibly to provide a job, work, and a future within the means available. We as a business try to work together as a team and everyone is aware of that. Perfection does not always reign but we try harder than most to make this happen.

Just to give you a little insight into the people that spend a lot of time here we have provided a little information.



John Walkup-President and the place where the buck stops.

A “little airplane” pilot. ATP, CFI, and all that stuff. Over 25,000 hours and still young. Has been working out of the Phoenix area since 1970. Worked at Beech Aircraft Corp. before that, just after graduating from college at Oklahoma State University (Degree in finance). Was a Designated Pilot Examiner for 39 years and operated/owned flight schools since 1970. Had the privilege of being flight instructor of the year a couple of times and has helped set up and organize the first group of pilot examiners who work with the FAA for improvement of certification of pilots. Actively flies monthly, doing stage checks, checkrides, tailwheel and aerobatic training. Has flown competition acro in a Pitts S2-C. When not flying tries to go 4-wheeling in a modified FJ-40 Landcruiser and spends time working on it to keep his head straight.

Bought Chandler Air Service with wife Diana on January 1, 1980 with one airplane in a town of 25,000 with one little 3,300 foot runway. Every New Years day is a big anniversary and four wheel drive trip with customers and employees.

Diana Walkup-Corp. Secretary and person responsible to keep John in line.

Married into the flying business in 1975 and been stuck in it ever since. Doesn’t have pilot certificates because “John does, so why should I?” Manages with all other personnel the daily and long term decisions made in the company. Knows more about her job than 5 more combined. Actively working daily and knows all, sees all. When not at the airport runs/walks 4 miles a day and can four wheel with the best of them.




Curt Langenhorst - President, Director of Operations

ATP, CFI-ASME-I, GROUND INSTRUCTOR, Designated Pilot Examiner. Over 17000 hours. Learned here and been here for a total of 20 years. Has a beautiful wife and two talented daughters (talent not from him). Does instructor standardization, stage checks, checkrides, tailwheel, acro, advanced training in twins, flies lots of exotic airplanes. Has flown competition acro in Pitts S2-C. He has developed a lot of aggressive habits from hanging out with John and some of his own motorcycle friends. He trains with a passion and expects you to control the airplane. When not flying, goes very fast on motorcycles, camps with the kids, and fishes in the mountains with all his relatives.

Steve Smith - Chief Flight Instructor

Commercial SMEL, CFI-ASME-I, GROUND INSTRUCTOR. Over 9000 hours, 8500 dual given. Claims to be a young 55. Does all types of instruction, including lots of tailwheel and acro. Performs stage checks, instructor standardization, and helps sell an airplane once in a while. Started flying at Chandler in 1998 to do advanced certificates and ratings. Started working in late '98 as flight instructor and became Asst. Chief in 2000, and Chief in 2016. Left the corporate advertising and marketing business to fly airplanes. Found out like the rest of us you can learn something new everyday. Got a young son "ACE" (real name Eric) who knows more about airplanes than most of us.


Lewis Blankenship
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Lary Leadford

Curt Murphree


Aaron Nathans

Tim Borrmann

Mark Wilson


Kevin Caldwell

Noah Johnson



Audrey Owens

Diana Walkup

Julie Bossch

Kim Irene



Rick Will - Manager

Brian Marston

Dom Buffo

Bruce Wilson

John Zilch

Tim Smith

Tillman Marston - Mascot



Steve Sellers


John Nyetrae