Payments, Deposits, & Refunds

The following information shows how we conduct the financial portion of flight training, rental, and other accounts. Generally speaking we do not require amounts paid in advance for any of the services we provide. You can pay as you go and get normal rates. Putting money on account earns discounts. There are no early withdrawal fees and we do not sell you anything until you need it. Our refund policy is unmatched.

If at any time you have questions or are unclear as to the status of your account, just ask one of the dispatchers and they can help you out.

Payment Procedure

Pay As You Go

Payment must be made by approved credit card, debit card, cash, check and travelers check. There are no billing accounts. All normal rates and fees apply when paid in this manner.

Cash or Check Deposit on Account - Discount Rates Available

Payment on account in advance with cash or checks earns a discount from 5% to 10% from $200.00 up to $1000.00 based on the amount of deposit on account. Details available separately.

Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

Refunds will be paid upon request by the customer, to that customer in the form of the original method of payment. If the monies are on account via a student loan or scholarship, the refund will be made to the loan company unless directed to do so otherwise by the loan company. The entire discount add-on will be deducted from the account balance and all remaining monies will be refunded. All products or services purchased in store must be returned in store along with original receipt. Returns or exchanges on products and pilot supplies must be made within 30 days of purchase and will be refunded in the form of the original method of payment. All items must be in new, unused condition and include original packaging. Charts are not refundable.

Credit Card Payment Accounts

Credit card accounts can be set up and all charges made to that account. Receipts will be collected and provided to the cardholder weekly, monthly, or as requested.

Credit Card on File

All accounts must have a credit card on file as a deposit against that account. Charges against this card will only be made when deficits against the normal account are not settled within one week of the charges.

Wire Transfers and Other Cash Sources

Wire transfers, student loan proceeds, and travelers checks are treated as cash. Wire transfer instructions are available upon request.

Advance Deposits

Flight Training & Aircraft Rental

Programs scheduled in advance for accelerated flight training programs and blocks of aircraft rental require a deposit on account prior to setting the schedule. This deposit can be by any of the payment means and cash discounts apply. All deposits will be applied to the flight account when the pilot begins flying.

Deposit Amount

Flight programs of less than 15 hours and aircraft rental – $500.00

Flight programs of 15 hours or more – $1000.00

Deposit Return

Deposits will be 100% refunded if program cancelled prior to two weeks of start date. A return of 50% will apply if prior to one week. Deposits can be applied to future programs if a date change is necessary. Deposits can be refunded under extenuating circumstances when approved by management.

No Show & Cancellation Policy

Efficiency with the scheduling of airplanes and flight instructors is very important to meeting the needs of the student, renter pilot, and commissioned flight instructors. Due to an increasing number of “no shows” and cancellations we have implemented a fee procedure. The instructor and/or the company can waive all or part of the fees under extenuating circumstances.

No Show Charges

DUAL – A student not showing for a scheduled flight lesson with an instructor will be charged .8 (8 tenths) of an hour at the aircraft and instructor rate for the aircraft scheduled.

SOLO – A student not showing for a scheduled solo flight lesson will be charged .8 (8 tenths) of an hour at the aircraft rate for the aircraft scheduled.

GROUND TRAINING – A student not showing for a scheduled ground training lesson will be charged .8 (8 tenths) of an hour at the ground instruction rate.

Cancellation Fees

24 hours in advance – NO CHARGE

12 hours in advance – 50% of No Show fee

Instructor Cancellation

If for any reason an instructor cannot make a flight Chandler Air Service will make every endeavor to notify the student prior to the student leaving for the airport. Chandler Air Service will if possible provide a replacement instructor, so as to not interrupt the training program. All students must have funds on deposit with Chandler Air Service or a Credit card on file. Charges to the account or credit card will be made when the fees are incurred.


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