The Student Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS) requires ALL students who are not a U.S. Citizen to have an M-1 Student Visa. To apply for an M-1 Student Visa Chandler Air Service must fill out and generate a U.S. Immigration form I-20. The personal information you must provide for the I-20 is:

  1. Your family name – as it appears on your passport
  2. Your first name – as it appears on your passport
  3. Your full address
  4. Country of birth
  5. Date of birth
  6. Country of citizenship
  7. Your source of funds to pay for the training (this is usually personal funds)

Date Information for I-20

You need to give us exact dates for when you want to do the training as we are required to put start and end dates on the I-20 form. You are allowed 30 days for travel before and after the training. You are allowed anywhere from 5 to 15 weeks for flight training depending on the program in which you are enrolled. In addition we need to make sure that we have that availability on our schedule.

Mailing of I-20 Form

Once we get the above information we will generate an I-20 form which we will send to you by regular mail, which is usually the fastest procedure. At the same time we send the I-20 to you, we email it to the U.S. Immigration Service and they email it to the applicable U.S. Embassy. You will then take this I-20 form to the U.S. Embassy and they will issue you your M-1 visa. You must make an appointment with the Embassy after you receive your I-20 form.

This process takes about 2-weeks after we receive your I-20 information and your fee to Chandler Air Service. Add to that the time to receive an appointment with the Embassy and you will have an idea how long it takes to get the M-1.


There is a fee of US $250.00 paid by credit card or bank transfer to Chandler Air Service to generate the I-20 form. There is also a fee of US $200.00 that is paid online to the U.S. Immigration Service.


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