Chandler Air Service, Inc. is owned and operated by John and Diana Walkup. The business was originally founded in 1976 and purchased by us on January 1, 1980. We started out with one airplane (Piper Tomahawk) and presently operate 24 . The facility has grown from a 3,000 sq. ft. office and hangar to 14,500 sq. ft. of hangar and 8,000 sq. ft. of office space. The entire facility including aircraft and auto parking covers approximately five acres of ground. A new long term lease was initiated in 2012. Plans for a new corporate office area, flight school facility and hangar are in the mill for completion by the end by early 2016.

The business is located on the Chandler Municipal Airport in Chandler, Arizona. The airport has two parallel runways, ATC control tower and instrument approaches to the airport. This airport has over 200,000 operations a year and no commercial air carriers. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is just 18 miles away for easy access.

This is a city of approximately 250,000 people located on the southeast corner of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area in the southwest portion of the United States of America.

Here in Chandler, we have an honest 360 days of good flying weather each year. Our worst days are better than most places good days! Our winter -- October thru April -- offers pleasant weather, with daytime temperatures averaging 70°F and a relative humidity ranging from 5 to 10%. Yes, our summers are hot, with daytime temperatures reaching 108° ± 5°, but we call it a "dry heat", with the relative humidity ranging from 10 to 25%. (the heat stress index in Arizona is lower than that of other southern states). Its still pretty hot but the days are a lot longer so you can fly early and get a great tan (everywhere has a swimming pool). July and August is our "monsoon season" and will bring higher humidity and late afternoon thunderstorms. They generally have little or no effect on our flying.

Chandler Air Service, Inc. operates under FAA Certificate No. HQ8S199Q under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 for approved flight schools.  We are particularly proud of the FAA approvals of our Aerobatic and Tailwheel training programs.

We are also approved by the Veterans Administration for VA assistance in our FAA approved courses after the private. This includes the Aerobatic and Tailwheel training programs!

In addition we have all the appropriate approvals for international students with the Transportation and Security Administration along with the Student Exchange and Visitor Information System for issuing M-1 student visas.