Aerobatic Training

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Great Lakes 2T-1A-2....

Solo $197
Dual $277

Chandler Air Service, Inc. has been providing aerobatic flight training since 1981. We teach aggressively and we teach you how to perform and understand the maneuvers. We are not here to just "show" you how to do them and let you repeat what we have done. We teach you how to fly the airplane before we instruct in aerobatics. We give ground training when necessary and we give the ground that is needed. We provide good "nuts and bolts" training that avoids old school ideas, memorizing, and "deep thought aerodynamics".

Our pilots are employed Certified Flight Instructors at our school. No professional pilots working somewhere else, work here on the side. No commercial pilots giving training who can’t sign log books or give dual. Our instructors instruct in all areas of flight training and know how to teach and handle each pilot’s individual needs. We interview every pilot to learn about their background, experience and goals. We adjust every program as necessary to meet a persons needs.

We have tailored programs for various branches of government and groups of pilots to meet their employers and personal needs to improve their skills.



Beginning Basic Aerobatic Course in a Great Lakes Special (10 Hours flight time):

10 Hours Dual @ $277.00 $2770.00
2 Hours Ground @ $70.00 $140.00
  Total $2910.00
(With no previous aerobatic and with tailwheel endorsement) Includes all the basic rolls, loops, spins plus hammerheads, immelmans, cuban eights, and a combination of maneuvers. Also covered is inverted flight, including climbs, descents, turns, inverted stalls and the emergency spin recovery program.



Beginning Basic Aerobatic Course: (5 Hours Flight time)

5 Hours Dual @ $277.00 $1385.00
2 Hours Ground @ $70.00 $140.00
  Total $1525.00

One-half of our ten-hour course. Less emphasis on additional maneuvers and very little inverted flight.



Spin Training: (3 Hours Flight Time)

3 Hours Dual @ $277.00 $831.00
2 Hours Ground @ $70.00 $140.00
  Total $971.00

Special spin training is provided which will take you through all the upright and inverted spins. The emergency spin recovery technique is introduced and proficiency acquired before the completion of this program.

Emergency/Unusual Attitude Recovery Training, Short Course: (5 Hours Flight Time)
5 Hours Dual @ $277.00 $1385.00
2 Hours Ground @ $70.00 $140.00
  Total $1525.00

Emphasis on basic aerobatics to train on unusual attitude, upset maneuver recovery, and spin training through advanced spins including all the upright and inverted spins.

Transportation and Lodging:

Chandler Air Service works closely with local hotel and rental car rental companies to provide the best discount and service possible for our customers. We can provide tiedown at our facility if you come in your own aircraft. A crew car is available for use on a limited basis as well as a company bicycle. Several Hotels close to the airport offer discounted rates for our customers. Weekly apartments and housing rentals are available starting around $250.00 depending on the season.

Time Required to Complete a Course:

We normally schedule no more than two flights per day. Based on one hour per flight, you can plan your stay accordingly


Cash, Check and Credit Cards.
Discounts are available for cash or check pre-payment.
Deposit required for scheduling.